Wild Rose Age Defying Day Cream

Wild Rose Age Defying Day Cream
Yields 100
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Water Phase
  1. 59g Water
  2. 20g Rose Hydrosol
  3. 3g Glycerine
Oil Phase
  1. 4g eWax
  2. 2g Cetyl Alcohol
  3. 6g Rosehip Oil
  4. 4g Macadamia Oil
Cool Down Phase
  1. 0.5g Vitamin e
  2. 0.5g Preservative
  3. 1g Essential oil: Geranium 8 drops, Frankincense 8 drops, Orange 4 drops
  1. Weigh out your water, hydrosol and glycerine into a heatproof jug. Tare the scales and weigh the jug and contents noting the weight. You will lose some water to evaporation while heating and will need to re-weigh once heated, and top up with water.
  2. Place the jug holding the water, hydrosol and glycerine into a bain marie to heat.
  3. Weigh out your oils, emulsifier and cetyl alcohol into a heatproof jug and place into a separate bain marie to heat.
  4. When both your water and oil phase have reached 70˚C, weigh out your water (you will need a total of 82g - this is the 59g water, 20g hydrosol & 3g glycerine).
  5. Add the oils to the water and mix.
  6. The mixture will start to turn white (this means your lotion is beginning to emulsify). Mix with a stick blender for a few minutes. Continue to mix in 2 minute bursts until the lotion has cooled to 45˚C.
  7. Once the lotion has cooled to 45˚C add your preservative and essential oils. Mix well with your stick blender and leave to cool.
  8. Once the lotion has reached room temperature you can put into bottles, preferably airless or lotion pump bottles to reduce the risk of contamination.
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