Introduction to Essential Oils

Posted on October 25, 2015 in Essential Oils

I thought it might be helpful to start a series of blog posts on individual essential oils, listing their therapeutic properties and most common uses.

I wish I had this when I first started using essential oils!

I would spend hours researching to find which oils would be the best ones to use to help the skin condition I was formulating for.

Also, having a daughter who suffers from extreme anxiety and panic disorder and myself having ADD I was interested to see if there were any essential oils seen to be effective in these areas.

Being a science geek (and very easily distracted), often hours would turn into days while I searched, researched and generally went off on tangents accumulating masses of research articles to get the information I needed.

My hope is that this series of blog posts will save you from hours of research and the information in them will be helpful as you start your journey into the world of essential oils. 

If there is a particular essential oil that you are interested in, that I haven’t yet written about, please leave a comment below and I will look at writing a post.




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