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Go Native New Zealand was founded by Elinor McEwan in 2001 and is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

We started as Go Native Soap Company making handmade, cold-process soaps. This led to contract manufacturing soap for a New Zealand natural cosmetics company that exported the soap, mainly to Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

By 2007, we decided there was a need for a good supplier of natural and organic skincare ingredients. When starting out making skincare products, it is very hard to source the ingredients, and especially hard to source them in small quantities.

So, we organised a new website and late September 2007 set off in a ‘newish’ direction.

We import ingredients from around the world and are continuously searching for new, genuine suppliers.

We have years of experience in the fields of soap-making and skincare creams so are able to help with most questions you have.

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